Lounge 1

with Lounge Host | 90 min

Oct 2, 1:30 PM Berlin, Europe

Lounge Host

The Queer Heart Lounge is a chance to meet and connect with people from across the globe in a non-structured way. Show up and hang out. Whether you're lying down in bed, eating a meal, bored and horny, or needing a chance to talk to someone, come join us in one of the following rooms:

Living Room Lounge - casual conversations

Kitchen/Dining Room - prepare a meal and eat it with a friend

Heart Space - deeper conversations about how we are doing

Bedroom Chill Out - get horizontal (clothing optional)

Self-Pleasure Room - for any and all kinds of self pleasure (clothing optional)

You are invited to move from room to room as you wish.

About the Facilitator

The Lounge Host is a dedicated volunteer of the Queer Heart Festival Team. If you want to volunteer, reach out to info@queerheartfestival.org