Healing the Wounds of Our Childhood - and Falling in Love with Ourselves

with Bodhi-Nick | 150 min

Oct 3, 9:00 PM Berlin, Europe


Growing up gay in a hostile culture can result in what’s been called minority stress. This has been compared to growing up in a war zone and having post-traumatic stress and can lead to the increased likelihood of addiction, lack of self-worth and mental health issues. This workshop offers a space to share our stories around growing up gay so we can learn from each other and know we are not alone. We will then explore how to heal through learning some simple self-care and emotional well-being meditations. As I’ve learnt how to hold my struggle in a kind and compassionate but clear comprehension it has become easier to be at peace. I’ll be sharing these tools with you on this workshop.

Bring to the workshop: A4 paper and coloured pens.

About the Facilitator

I learnt to meditate aged 20. From 27-34 I lived as a Buddhist monk and have lived in London for 16 years now. Over the last 11 years I've led a mindfulness meditation group for gay and bi men that meets every Monday. Over these last 16 years I've explored reconnecting with my sexuality, and healing the trauma of growing up in a hostile culture. I'm exploring how to connect more with our queer ancestors and bring in the memory of our place historically in cultures that celebrated the gifts we brought to the tribe instead of penalising us.