Opening to your Inner Healing Space

with Keane McMillan | 90 min

Oct 5, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Keane McMillan

When we are feeling overwhelmed, or in need of retreat to revitalize, intentionally creating a safe space within can be a beneficial strategy. But what happens when we extend our safe inner space to include family, friends, or even strangers? In this workshop we will be discovering and exploring our own personal healing spaces, and learning how these inner sanctums which unfold in our hearts and minds can be implemented in creating a welcoming, safe, and healing atmosphere for those we invite in.

This workshop will consist of a guided meditation, as well as a practice, and question and answer period. Please wear loose, comfy clothing - nudity is permitted - and make sure you will have a comfortable place to either lay down or sit upright.

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About the Facilitator

Keane is a Vancouver based holistic healer specializing in tantric massage, shiatsu therapy, and energy healing. Having participated as a volunteer with the Ignite Festival for the past three years, Keane has been inspired and is excited to offer a workshop for the first Queer Heart Festival. Utilizing his experiences and knowledge he gained while living in spiritual communities around the world and working with several spiritual teachers, Keane has woven together a practice and passion for helping others to heal themselves and move towards a healthier more liberated state of being.