Mending the Heart & Our Pain Stories

with Maceo Quintanar | 90 min

Oct 5, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Maceo Quintanar

The experience of a broken heart is inherent to our human lives. When we meet it along our path, the experience has the capacity to send us adrift with a load of uncomfortable emotions such as grief, anger, confusion, uncertainty, to name a few. The pain from these emotions can make us believe we will never recover or feel whole or trustful again. During this workshop we will explore the pitfalls of heartbreak and the practical ways to mend our pain stories, so we can stay open to the experience of the heart with courage and genuine love.

About the Facilitator

Maceo Quintanar is a Mexican Canadian queer wanderer, cognitive scientist as well as a yoga and meditation instructor. He grew up exposed to eastern and esoteric philosophies thanks to his late grandfather, a curandero in rural Mexico. At age 14 he began a formal practice of yoga and meditation, and in 2002 he completed his certification to teach Kundalini Yoga. Over the past eighteen years he has developed his personal practice by integrating Buddhist teachings, both from the Tibetan and Zen traditions, as well as science-based mindfulness and breathwork studies.