Chair Yoga and Upper Body Stretching

with Michael King | 60 min

Oct 3, 6:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Michael King

This class is for those who are getting back into shape and might like a practice that is a little less rigorous than a traditional yoga class and for those who are looking to increase flexibility through their upper body, shoulders and chest. Exercises are modified and yet you will feel as though you have received a good "wringing out"" of your limbs and trunk in the process. Emphasis is on moving into and out of the poses as the fluidity of expression is what is paramount in this version of chair yoga. If you are an experienced practitioner you are also welcome to consider the way with which de-emphasizing the strengthening experiences in a traditional vinyasa class can be transformed through a practice where using the support of the chair can bring awareness to other areas of yoga breathing and practice."

VIDEO OPTIONAL, Max #: Unlimited

About the Facilitator

Michael King is a commercial and residential real estate agent, and yoga instructor and has been living in Alaska for the past 16 years. He is en-route to his new home in London, England. His background is in classical ballet and dance where he performed with ballet companies in the United States, Canada, England and Japan. Michael is also a student of Tantra with Swami Rudiji Bharati at Dancing Shiva in Asheville, NC and is in the first year of a three year Tantra Teacher Training program with Swami Rudiji. A quintessential Renaissance Man, his offerings and additional information can be found at