Conscious Nipple Play

with Skyboss | 60 min

Oct 2, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe


No one can say for sure why men have nipples, there’s lots of theories, but they clearly don’t serve any practical purpose. One thing is for sure though, some men get a lot of pleasure from playing with their nipples and that’s what we’re going to do in this class - play with our nipples. You’ll need to bring some props and an open mind (some clothes pins, nipple clamps, some ice and anything you think might be fun to play with)

We’ll start with some guided breathing exercises and then engage in some conscious nipple exploration to figure out how we like to be touched. We’ll experiment with asking for touch and figuring out what we enjoy. If you’ve not played with your nipples much before - don’t worry - this is the time to figure out if you enjoy them being played with :)

If you get super turned on during this session - that’s great! Feel free to express yourself in whatever way nipple play makes you want to. We’re going to circulate that sexual energy around our bodies and have lots of fun.

About the Facilitator

34, British, explorer. Currently living and working in Taiwan; I am fluent in Chinese. I’ve been exploring queer spaces ever since I discovered the radical faeries back in 2013.