Play Yoga

with Tao Yu | 90 min

Oct 4, 12:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Tao Yu

Play instead of practice. We often play music and play games, but here in this class we will play yoga. The play will incorporate our different body parts, joints, muscles, movements, breath and mind. It’s fun to explore ourselves outside/in and inside/out, to investigate how our bodies and minds are enjoying playing yoga. When it comes to just studying and practicing yoga, something is lost or missing or excluded; FUN. So come Play Yoga with your body, breath and mind.

About the Facilitator

I live and work in Kunming China. Years ago I traveled to India to study the ancient Indian philosophies and yoga. My yoga practice has guided me back to my traditional Chinese culture and philosophies. The yoga studio I founded in 2002 will have it’s 18th anniversary in September 2020. My understanding of yoga has been evolving along with my personal practice, teaching skills and running a yoga studio. I offer a yoga teacher training course called “Aligned Flow”; once the alignments of the asanas are correct, the flow occurs upon them. That's when the fun starts. I wish to interact with you while you are Yoga Playing in my class.