Gay English: Conversational Storytelling For English Language Learners and Introverts with Social Anxiety

with Eric Vik Johnson | 90 min

Oct 3, 6:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Eric Vik Johnson

This 90-minute workshop is designed for queer men who want to practice conversational English in a fun, accepting, and supportive environment. Maybe English is not your first may read and write well in English, but you want more confidence with oral language skills: speaking and listening. Or maybe, like me, you are an introvert who has struggled with social anxiety, and you’d like a safe space where you are met with empathetic, supportive listeners who are eager to “draw you out” with kind and curious questions.

LGBTQ students in a formal educational setting often don’t feel comfortable talking in class about their personal lives, including topics such as coming out, dating, boyfriends, hook-ups, and sex. But in “Gay English,” you can say anything! Feel free to speak your mind, tell your story, and communicate as best you can. As listeners, we’ll take turns asking questions to help draw each other out. Mistakes and silent pauses are welcome and encouraged!

About the Facilitator

I was born and raised in the United States, and I’ve taught English overseas for over 20 years (in Honduras, The Netherlands, Hungary and India). In 2010, while attending “Gay Camp”in Sweden, I offered a workshop on second language conversation. I discovered that many language students felt more comfortable expressing themselves when they could talk freely about their love life and sexuality...and “Gay English” was born. I offered a class in New Delhi that included reading gay literature, LGBTQ themed movies, conversation practice, and writing. Last summer, I launched my own business offering destination workshops as a multidisciplinary educator. In addition to conversational English, I was planning week-long workshops combining photography, public speaking, and writing to help English language learners produce content for social media. (Due to the pandemic, I’ve put my live workshop plans on hold as I prepare a series of online classes.)