Kundalini-Based Breathwork: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

with Moshe Rey | 90 min

Oct 4, 6:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Moshe Rey

Remember that the masculine and feminine energies reside in all of us. And to tap in to the humans full potential is to achieve a state of balance between the two. In this group session, we take advantage of our group consciousness to boost our practice in awakening dormant energy centers lying at the base of our spine and through a Kundalini-based breathing system, we raise the left and right channels of this energy in a safe and balanced approach. This practice will leave you in a state of balanced energy of feeling alert and energized but with an underlying sense of peace and relaxation. Please come with an open mind and an empty stomach 😁

About the Facilitator

Moshe Rey is the co-founder of SoulSpeak Yoga and has spent the last 5 years of his life facilitating numerous retreats around the world sharing his knowledge in mindfulness meditation, yogasana, and yogic breath work (pranayama). His style is heavily influenced by Kundalini Yoga, which is the systematic practice of being able to tap into the energy centers that are lying dormant within the body –a practice he claims is the secret to his seemingly unbounded energy and enthusiasm for life. Moshé is guided by his passion for combining his academic understanding of Eastern Philosophy together with the latest research in neuroscience and the great impact it can have in today’s busy lives.