Killing The Hulk; Becoming Less Angry and More Compassionate

with Tommy-Bare | 90 min

Oct 3, 6:00 AM Berlin, Europe


The Hulk is an iconic, fictional superhero who after being exposed to gamma-ray radiation becomes The Hulk when subjected to emotional distress. His transformation often leads to destructive rampages and conflicts that complicate his normal civilian life. I was The Hulk. Through years of counseling, spiritual training in yoga and Buddhism and meditation I have found ways to harness that destructive energy so that it does not erupt like a volcano and complicate my life. We will work together and in small groups learning The Work from Byron Katie, Shenpa and Shenluk from Venerable Pema Chodron, The Four Agreements from Don Miguel Ruiz, Light on Life from B.K.S. Iyengar and the Buddha. Before we begin the above processes, we will do some stretching, deep breathing and meditation in order to calm our minds and be in an open receptive mode. You should be prepared to share intimate moments of your life through writing and speaking using the above techniques. We will close with a group brainstorming on how we can implement these techniques into our daily lives.

About the Facilitator

I am an itinerant Yogi-Buddhist, based in Singapore. I teach throughout Asia: India, Indonesia, Nepal, New Zealand, Thailand and Singapore. I started my spiritual and emotional healing journey 32 years ago in California and now I share my experiences and techniques with all that I meet. I am also the Asian coordinator for the Queer Heart Festival so that more men* will have access to some of the great healers on our planet.