Storytelling Circle->故事圈起你我

with Wei-Kai Hao | 90 min

Oct 3, 3:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Wei-Kai Hao

Our story carries wisdom and insight of life, but we rarely listen to them. In this 90 minutes session, we will share and listen to stories with vulnerability and love, to find the connection among us, and to gain positive energy from storytelling. (Workshop will conducted in Mandarin)

我們的故事中,承載著生活的智慧與啟發,但卻經常在日復一日的生活裡被掩蓋住。邀請你一起加入我們,練習放下防備,用愛來聆聽、分享我們的故事。在故事中,找到連結、找到說故事的正面能量。 (活動將以中文進行)

The maximum number of participants is 10. 最多参加人数为10。

About the Facilitator

Wei-Kai Hao is a theatre actor and drama educator from Taiwan. He is good at developing physical and emotional awareness by theatre games. And he has a master degree in gender study and advocates gender equity through theatre work and education programs consistently. 偉凱是一位來自台灣的劇場演員、戲劇教師。他擅長透過戲劇遊戲開發肢體與情感覺察能力。他同時也是一位性別研究碩士畢業生,持續透過戲劇作品及教育計劃推廣性別平等議題。