Inner Work Through Yoga

with Ajlaan | 120 min

Oct 4, 9:00 AM Berlin, Europe


Let's use yoga to understand some of our habitual patterns. Let's attempt to figure out where they come from and reclaim our power to influence them.

This will be a two part class. The first hour will be a gentle Bahiranga (physical) Yoga session consisting of asana and pranayama based around the theme of Maitri (friendliness) and Karuna (compassion).

The second hour will be an Antaranga Yoga (Inner Work Through Yoga) session based on a curated story from Mahabharata. A short story shall be shared in advance with registered participants. Participants are requested to read the story prior to attending the session. As we read through, it is easy to get stuck in the morality of the things. However for this particular exercise, you are urged to use the story as a self-reflecting mirror. Rather than characterizing characters as "good/ bad" or "right/ wrong", while reading through the text, try taking some notes on what was evoked within you and how it made you feel. Through this half, we will take turns sharing our evocations and listening to what others have to say. These evokations can be extremely powerful in understanding the working of our minds. With this increased sense of awareness, you may set yourself on a path to bring deep meaningful change in your life. (If you want to of course :)

About the Facilitator

Ajlaan is a corporate slave turned yoga instructor. His passion for movement led him to "deviate" from his "normal" life and study yoga, partner acrobatics, slacklining and therapeutics. On days when he's not locked up at home due to a global pandemic, he enjoys sharing his passion in the outdoors, connecting with communities and helping them achieve things that they never thought were possible for them.