Finding Your Own Queer Voice with Mixed Media/Collage

with M**SIN aka SINderlla Non Disney Version | 120 min

Oct 4, 6:00 AM Berlin, Europe

M**SIN aka SINderlla Non Disney Version

This is a very creative, hands-on workshop where you can relax and have fun. You will learn about composition, color, perspective, abstraction and translation and how to make collage materials from everyday materials and objects that you already may have laying in your store room for a while. We will explore great ways to create fresh collages with a focus on building a visual story. The focus of the imagery is going to be queer stories but feel free to join even if you don’t want the idea to revolve around queer narratives. We are going to create mixed media collages using acrylic paint, found and (and may be purchased) papers, a variety of drawing tools, and black and white photocopies of your queer photographs or laser prints of your own family photography or childhood photos that has a gay story attached to it. The goal of this workshop is to experiment, have a good time and create some art pieces.

About the Facilitator

M**SIN aka SINderlla Non Disney Version is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Lahore - Pakistan, who is proactive about carving space, self-representation and self-empowerment using art and activism to forge professional and personal survival in Pakistan's tense culture. As an Asian Pakistani Muslim queer and as an artist he articulates territorial struggle of sexuality within religious and spiritual subcultures. He primarily engages local narratives from Pakistan and South Asian region and challenges the danger of being visibly non-conforming within a militant state, the danger of being seen through the lens of sexual taboos, gender binaries, ethnic hierarchies, and religious strictures. He is interested in the role of art in social change, transformative healing and collective justice. M.S. holds a Masters Degree in visual arts and Bachelor’s Degree in visual communication. He served his alma mater for almost seven years as faculty before he was exiled for his outspoken writings and activism in early 2018.