Queering the Workplace

with Ashish Chopra | 90 min

Oct 3, 9:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Ashish Chopra

Luckily I have always been out of the closet and have never felt the need to hide my sexuality at my workplace. But I have seen a lot of my colleagues struggle. When i was doing my research on the same, I realised that a lot of people do not come out at the workplace having fears like- not getting a promotion, losing their job, being made fun of and a lot more. My research also showed me that when people came out at work, their productivity increased many times. This is because they did not have to hide a part of their personality any more. They did not have to put in efforts to wear a mask and did not feel the need to lie about themselves which used to exhaust them initially. That’s when I thought that we all must take up initiatives where we can talk about gender, sex and sexuality at the workplace to sensitize everyone and to create a safer work environment. In my one hour class, I will be talking about how you can start initiatives at your workplace to raise more awareness about gender and sexuality. I have worked for 2 huge corporations where they had done absolutely nothing for LGBT inclusion. Upon gaining the upper management’s approval, I conducted gender sensitization workshops for the leadership teams. I have also given talks at Paypal, Cisco, Ernst and Young etc. Together, we can build a safe environment for all workplaces. The workshop will also equip you with the basics of what all should be covered in a sensitization session.

About the Facilitator

Ashish, having done his bachelors and masters in Business Management (Human Resources) is a 25 year old out and proud gay man. Currently, he works with Philips Healthcare in their HR team and also runs his own business on the side. Ashish was the first runner up for Mr. Gay India 2018 after which he went on to do India’s first queer speed dating TV show, gave interviews with newspapers, radios and magazines and has always been an active voice for the community. Ashish also does drag sometimes, which is mostly for fun. His brand “BeUnic” is a platform for LGBT entrepreneurs who can showcase their products on the website. They also help these entrepreneurs grow and reach a wider audience.