The Psychology of Love: Hookup Culture

with Alvin Lim | 120 min

Oct 4, 9:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Alvin Lim

Here’s an honest, no holds barred open discussion, where participants share their own experience and openly explore different perspectives on the current hookup culture. Why does it exist? How does it affect our lifestyle? What does it influence? Does it continue to hold relevant to our current culture? Does it still hold value for me? There is no right answer. Through an exploration of different views, we can have a more holistic view of what the hookup culture means to each one of us.

About the Facilitator

Alvin has a Masters in Counselling and worked as a facilitator for a Singapore educational institution for 6 years. He is currently an entrepreneur and running his own fitness studio, Embrace Fitness Pte Ltd. He has experience working in the social services industry and continues to apply his skills into the area of holistic wellness.