Stepping into Authentic Masculinity: The Divine Masculine.

with Grant Shepherd | 120 min

Oct 2, 12:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Grant Shepherd

In this session we will explore together how to step into the experience of our authentic masculinity, the Divine Masculine. Through visualization and open discussion, we will discuss what authentic masculinity means to us as queer men, and how we can move beyond shame and fear to joyfully express it. Then, through a powerful tantric breathwork practice we will learn how to locate and ignite the “fire in the belly,” the source of our authentic male power.

About the Facilitator

Hi. I’m Grant Shepherd. After traveling in Australia, the USA, and India, and living for twenty years in spiritual communities dedicated to meditation and the enlightenment process, I created Conscious Pathways. Conscious Pathways is a modality that offers both meditation and tantra as powerful pathways of self-development and transformation. I have a Master’s in Studies in Religion from the University of Sydney, specializing in Kashmir Shaivism, an Indian tantric philosophy of Consciousness. My area of study was whether Westerners can benefit from study and practice of Eastern tantra. The answer is a resounding yes! My passion is helping men reach deeper levels of intimacy and connection in their lives by working with these time-honored and effective practices. I teach nationally and internationally one-on-one via Skype and Zoom, and in person at group workshops and retreats.