Mind To Heart Guided Active Meditation

with Owen Yeoh | 90 min

Oct 3, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Owen Yeoh

Meditation is a surrendering. In modern times, this is becoming a challenge as we are constantly distracted with the constant buzz of daily living. Working around this, we focus on simple activities that gently but pointedly lead us into the silent expanse of our heart.

This 90-minute experience is a guided process, incorporating multiple techniques to lead the individual on a journey from the busy mind towards the restful heart. Come with a curious mind and eager heart, and allow yourself to drop into yourself.

About the Facilitator

Owen Yeoh is a practitioner of active meditations, influenced by the work of modern mystic OSHO. He has spent the last 10 years exploring both inner and outer space through meditation and other holistic work. Prior to this, he has spent 20 years in the field of personal development and skills upgrading, collaborating with government agencies, self-help groups and companies. Owen hails from Singapore.

Owen has been regularly holding space for meditation and retreats in the last seven years. In the last year, he has expanded to hold meditative space beyond the structure of fixed technique. This allows for greater flexibility to approach meditation and self-awareness, based on the readiness of individuals.