Enlightenment for Gay Men

with Daemon | 90 min

Oct 3, 12:00 PM Berlin, Europe


As our planet strains under the weight of so many human mammals, it is the destiny of gay brothers to lead the way in returning Mother Earth to harmony. We do this by reclaiming the full knowledge of our true nature.

Brother, you are warmly invited to hear us relate how we have temporarily experienced Enlightenment, the entire reality that exists beyond death, via the Couple Retreat method. This means creating an environment of limitless loving energy and limitless rest for weeks or months in a simple nature hut, as a committed and monogamous pair. In this way the heart opens and the consciousness slowly drops from the illusory mind to the innermost chamber of the energetic heart. Through this portal the consciousness returns to the soul, and this soul is later absorbed into the Light of infinite love that is our true nature.

Since the dawn of time the Rainbow Male has stood as the spiritual gatekeeper for his people. He is so named because as the rainbow holds all colour available on the material plane, so does he embody the full sphere of human spirit with both male and female polarities intact. The Rainbow Male stands with one foot in the world of the spirit and one foot in the dream-world of the tribe.

Seven years ago we created Rainbow Awakening to reclaim the knowledge of males with our nature from the indigenous or pagan ancestry in each member’s land of origin. Our core purpose is to experience Enlightenment via Couple Retreat. If you are someone who wishes to regularly get drunk or high, we recommend you talk to our Recovery Circle, to protect the deeper magic we hold in the group.

Release the bonds of past slavery and join your brotherhood as a free man. Stand in your beauty and power and remember the Light of your true Self.

We invite a maximum of ten gay brothers to share in a heart circle where there will be time for all persons to speak.

Co-Host: Gokul

About the Facilitator

Born in London, I was raised in New Zealand from infancy. My three different parents were devout followers of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Christianity, respectively. I was steeped in comparative religious and spiritual studies from a young age. As an adult I did a ten-month solo meditation retreat on the holy Arunachala mountain in south India. As a result I realised that the body needs loving energy in order to nourish the energetic heart and allow the consciousness to return to the centre of the heart. I co-founded Rainbow Awakening in 2013, based in India and Europe; a spiritual lineage who reclaim their indigenous or pagan rainbow ancestry and who practice couple retreats. I have returned to my pagan roots from Cornwall where my rainbow male ancestors were often the shamans and druids. Now I have returned to New Zealand to offer couple retreats from Kammneves, our gay men’s meditation retreat centre near Auckland.