Tantra & Psychedelics

with Jeff Slowhand | 120 min

Oct 4, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Jeff Slowhand

Clinical, therapeutic use of psychedelics and entheogens has become increasingly mainstream. But informally, many people are also using these medicines in ceremonial, therapeutic and individual settings to heal, to find meaning, and to improve their lives. These are the same reasons that also draw many of us to tantric practice, which instead uses the tools of erotic energy, mindfulness, bodywork, and breathwork for insight, healing and well-being. This workshop invites you to explore the relationship between psychedelic medicine work and tantra. In small- and large-group discussions, you'll be invited to consider the potential similarities, benefits and risks of these two modalities, whether they can be complementary strategies for personal healing and growth, ethics of consent, and the role of a supportive community.

VIDEO REQUIRED (for discussion portion) Max #: Unlimited

About the Facilitator

I’m grateful to be joining Queer Heart from Vancouver, on the unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples. In my massage practice (www.slowhandmassage.com), I take a meditative, sensual and integrative approach to support people of all genders and orientations to discover, enjoy and improve their relationship with their bodies. I’ve given massages informally for twenty years, but got serious about it as a tool for deep insight and personal growth in 2018. Since then, I have trained in massage and other somatic practices and philosophies through the New Body Electric School, Men In Touch, Jason Tantra, and the Institute for Somatic Sex Education. I hope to see you at my workshops, or hear from you at jeff@slowhandmassage.com.