World's Largest Ever Synchronized Ejaculation Ritual for Peace & Pleasure

with Steve S. | 90 min

Oct 5, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Steve S.

Imagine a simultaneous orgasm not just with one (or two) comrades, but with dozens, scores, or maybe hundreds of men at the same time! Let's milk this new global techno era for all its worth. In a forum designed to be safe, respectful, fun, holy, playful and hot/sacred all at the same time, together we will create the largest synchronized ejaculation in the history of the planet (how often do you get an opportunity for something like that?). Think of it as global queer sex magic, or a ginormous self-pleasure party, or an offering of queer ecstatic celebration and the innate power of our erotic bodies. The session will be loosely guided, and ejaculation isn't in fact required (so no pressure), but who knows what might be possible as together we pray and spray in a grand experiment of global ejaculatory energy?

VIDEO REQUIRED Max #: Unlimited

About the Facilitator

Steve S. (Nomad) has been creating and leading workshops for 15+ years that include embodied rituals, meditation, and harnessing erotic energy as a path to celebration, healing, and spirit. He has long been a facilitator with the New Body Electric School. He currently lives in Massachusetts, USA.