Two-Spirit Ceremony; Communing with the Seen and Unseen to Build Right Relations

with Wolf Martinez

Oct 4, 6:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Wolf Martinez

This will be a Ceremony based in Indigenous/ Shamanic traditions. An opportunity to experience deeper connection and communication with the seen and unseen, within and without. To access the Sacredness of All That Is for Guidance, Insight, Centeredness, and Freedom. Traditional songs open the doors and invoke the energies and Spirits. Participants are asked to set up a small Altar with a candle, a small bowl of water, a stone, and smudge stick of sage, cedar, lavender, or natural incense. A few other sacred items one may wish to include is welcome also.

About the Facilitator

Wolf is a Two-Spirited Ceremonialist, and practitioner of Healing arts based in Indigenous and Shamanic Traditions for over 25 years. He has had the Blessing to travel internationally sharing these Life ways with peoples from many nations. This practice incorporates mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. He guides to develop ability for Right Relationship with Self, others, and all aspects of Nature, seen and unseen.