All About Self-Care

with Pono Stewart | 90 min

Oct 3, 6:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Pono Stewart

Taking care of oneself is an essential skill that we are not always very good at doing. Often, we are good at responding to the wants and needs of our friends and family more than our own. Eventually this can lead to burnout. As they announce on airplanes, place your own oxygen mask on first, then assist your children.

Let’s get together and discuss ideas for different ways to take care of ourselves.

Hosted from a bubble bath, (my favorite place to chill), feel free to join me in your bubble bath, or hot tub, or in your favorite place of self care. We will share self-care stories and relax together (in bubbles!)

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About the Facilitator

Pono Stewart is a Sexologist and Certified Sexological Bodyworker. A passionate self-pleasuring enthusiast and advocate, Pono invites everyone to create their own regular self-pleasuring practice including mindfulness, conscious breathwork and self-touch, to tap into the healing power of erotic energy. Through regular self-pleasuring we create greater self-awareness, and generate self-love, transformation, and spiritual evolution. Pono lives in Victoria, B.C. You can learn even more about Pono at EcstaticTouch.Net.