Queer Masculinity (in the Dawn of a New Age)

with Devaiya Ra

Oct 3, 3:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Devaiya Ra

Join others to build healthy conversations around how gay men and queer folx relate with masculinity as an archetypal energy. In many ways this is a conversation and dialogue which will open a lot of possibilities and directions, as gender and sexuality are incredibly vast and dynamic aspects of self and soul. This will be a discussion which folx will openly talk together in complete trust, confidentiality, and integrity about [queer] masculinity. This workshop will involve discussions, small group conversations, embodiment techniques, and space for radical realizations.

About the Facilitator

Devaiya Ra is an interdisciplinary prayerformance artist who has brought his offerings across the west coast of Canada stretching down the coast to California and as far as Egypt. Devaiya’s presence has inspired many other people to embrace the fullness of their masculine, feminine, androgynous, and non-binary energies through seducing the soul. Devaiya Ra is a soul alchemist, prayerformance artist, and medicine walker based in Victoria BC Canada. If you would like to discover the inner workings of the angelic essence of Devaiya, please visit www.devaiya.com