Weaving Together Sex & Spirit

with Frank Dunn | 90 min

Oct 2, 8:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Frank Dunn

This practicum is a space for practicing what you and others share either of your regular practice, or what you’d like to observe or try. You might share, for example, how when you masturbate you use symbols, sounds, or movement to create true “cock-centered worship.”
• Share what works for you; or

        • Share an idea you’d like the group to try; and 

        • Learn new possibilities for integrating sex and spirit; but 

        • Come if you just want to observe and practice what others share. 

On registering, you’ll receive instructions for demonstrating brief (5-min-max) practices.

Bring: water, lube, toys or anything else you typically use in masturbation

-a physical symbol that you associate with “spiritual,”  such as cross, Star of David, crescent, candle, prayer beads or rosary, icon, etc. 

-a physical symbol that connotes erotic or sexual experience for you, such as cock ring, condom, tit clamps, butt plug, etc.

-a word, mantra, or sacred text either memorized or written that you can easily access.  

    -Optional:  have music (any style or genre) that you associate with spiritual experience that you can make audible only for yourself

VIDEO REQUIRED (during discussion, not practice). Face visibility optional.

Max #: 20

About the Facilitator

Frank Dunn founded Jonathans’ Circle® in 2014 to make safe spaces where men can integrate sex and spirit, whatever shape sex and spirit assume in their experience. Now a non-profit organization with participation of more than 500 men around the world, Jonathan’s Circle brings men together to discover and celebrate spiritual dimensions of sex and erotic qualities of spiritual life. Frank is an Episcopal (Anglican) priest, has a daily practice that includes yoga, qigong, and mindful masturbation. With a background in literature, theology, and leadership development, he does “soul work” through coaching, teaching, and writing. Frank and his husband live in Palm Springs.