Strategies for White Folks to be Better Allies for BIPOC

with Mark Fleming | 90 min

Oct 3, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Mark Fleming

We are all responsible for helping support black, indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) in the fight against racism. This workshop will consist of a panel discussion by queer white men who are actively doing anti-racist work. There will be time for Q&A, as well as breakout groups to discuss experiences/strategies with allyship (fears and challenges/success and failures.) We will end with resources and buddies to stay engaged/accountable. As this type of investigation can be challenging we will be invoking compassion and embodiment in our interactions.

This session is a space where white folks will support each other to deepen our understanding of racism and how we can take actions to be better accomplices with Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC) to create racial justice. While the space will be centering white folks, all BIPOC and mixed-race folks are welcome to attend. We recognize that witnessing white folks processing around racism can be painful and triggering for some BIPOC and mixed-race folks, so we encourage you to take care of yourself accordingly.

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About the Facilitator

Mark Fleming has been a Sacred Intimate since 1992. His Seattle-based practice weaves Tantra, subtle energy work and neo-shamanic practices to assist people towards Conscious Erotic Embodiment. He has studied classical and neo-Tantra for twenty years, primarily with Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati (Rudolph Ballentine.) He is on the faculty for Body Electric School. Passions include justice, poetry, meditation and touch.