My Hand is a Red Brick: Writing with Imagery

with Cookie Clearheart

Oct 4, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Cookie Clearheart

My Hand is a Red Brick is a writing workshop designed to give participants a greater insight into imagery—the baseline for all evocative writing. We draw on writing and filmmaking—moving between these genres—to demonstrate how an image can work, or where it can be found. How do you build the best image systems for your story? Where is an image located? The workshop involves brainstorming, some simple analysis, easy exercises, while rubbing in a little DIY gumption. Everyone comes out of the workshop with a draft of a poem-type thing. This is a workshop easily geared for writers at all stages of development—newbie to pro. You will need: a pen and paper.

About the Facilitator

Cookie Clearheart (aka Michael V. Smith) is a queer writer, filmmaker, performer, and Associate Professor teaching Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia, Canada. Cookie's most recent book is the translation of his memoir, My Body Is Yours. His latest book in English is the poetry collection, Bad Ideas. Cookie has won a number of awards for both his writing and his short film work. Cookie has been attending Breitenbush Radical Faerie retreats in Oregon since 2002.