Queer Radio Lebanon

with Elie Ballan | 120 min

Oct 2, 8:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Elie Ballan

Queer Radio Lebanon is a one time interactive show created specifically for Queer Heart Festival that discusses some of the issues, struggles and wins of the LGBTIQ community in Lebanon. As Queer Heart is a celebration, QRL is an online talk show with many beautiful and courageous guests who will share their personal experiences and efforts that they engage in. Lebanon was hit by a devastating blast beginning of August as the country struggles with political, economic and social turmoil. Join us and hear some of the stories from under the rubble, meet the amazing activists running relief projects, get to know some of the inspiring artists and entertain yourself with Beirut's number one drag scene, all in Queer Radio Lebanon!

This event is open for folks of all genders!

Queer Heart Festival will be re-donating some of the festival's donations to the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality, a Beirut based organisation that works with sexual and gender minorities and is raising funds to supports those struggling communities in the post-explosion Beirut. Queer Radio Lebanon will be presented by some of the members of this organisation.

About the Facilitator

Elie Ballan, holder of a license of Cinema Arts and with TV content and marketing producer background, has been an activist for LGBTQ rights for more than a decade. Joined M-Coalition in January 2016 as Executive Director, a full-time activist for the rights of LGBTQI and people living with HIV in North Africa and the Middle East. Elie now is the head of the LGBTQI health department (M-Coalition) at the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality. Elie sits on the Board of IDAHOT (May17) Organization, Steering Committee of MPact Global, on the MENA Community Advisory Board for Treatment and Intellectual Property and the Global Advisory Panel for HIV Justice Worldwide. Elie is also engaged in regional and global responses around public health providing consultations for The World Health Organization and UNAIDS on HIV, Key Populations, and Improved community health systems. Elie Ballan has been involved in many community research in the region and beyond and has a few published papers around LGBTIQ and health access and is a proud gay man living with HIV in Beirut Lebanon.