Inner Male / Inner Female

with Ali Tabrizi | 150 min

Oct 3, 12:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Ali Tabrizi

We come from mother and father and we all have within us ‘Male & Female’ energies in our bodies and within our minds, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. In this workshop, we treat inner male & inner female as two sub-personalities. We feel certain balance and satisfaction by obtaining and allowing our sub-personalities to have space and provide therefore, a way for them to fully express themselves. We will also examine our inner male & female relationship, as there is often conflict and fight between them. In fact, our outer relationship with the opposite or same sex partner, is a mere reflection of our own inner male-female relationship.

About the Facilitator

Ali’s journey of self-discovery, healing and spirituality started 25 years ago. Starting from practicing Hatha Yoga and meditation that has evolved through multiple trainings and workshops such as Tantra, Osho Art Practice & Therapy to Family Constellation. The latter has become the main focus of Ali’s work. He also offers various Meditation sessions as well as ‘Inner Male / Inner Female’ exploratory workshops.