Family Constellation

with Ali Tabrizi | 150 min

Oct 2, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Ali Tabrizi

If you are facing a repetitive pattern, obstacle or block in your life which you would like to break through, this is the workshop that you need. Family Constellation is one of the most effective and healing therapies for people who are challenged by repetitive relationship problems that arise even when the partner is changed; Health related problems or career/financial problems. The root cause is an energetic imbalance or knot in the energy system. Energy of life that is flowing through us and our family can sometimes get blocked and/or knotted. Sessions of family constellation help to move away from the past traumas by re-establishing a healthy connection with our ancestors.

About the Facilitator

Ali’s journey of self-discovery, healing and spirituality started 25 years ago. Starting from practicing Hatha Yoga and meditation that has evolved through multiple trainings and workshops such as Tantra, Osho Art Practice & Therapy to Family Constellation. The latter has become the main focus of Ali’s work. He also offers various Meditation sessions as well as ‘Inner Male / Inner Female’ exploratory workshops.