The Self-Cuddling Experiment

with Lukas Brock | 120 min

Oct 4, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Lukas Brock

Can one cuddle themself? What other forms of self touch is possible apart from (genital) masturbation. How can we soothe and nourish ourselves in a time, where social distancing and reduction of physical contact was and is necessary for protecting one another? In this experimental workshop we will try to connect with ourselves, our hands, bodies and minds through conscious self touch. We will also include dancing, meditating, journaling and sharing in breakout rooms/small groups into this experiment. I am curious to discover, learn and exchange with other men* and folks around this topic. In this workshop we will keep our clothes on and there will be the invitation to share and exchange with others in breakout rooms.

Please bring: a journal/pen and paper, a photo of a person, animal or object that gives you a warm feeling and a plush toy, if you have one. Also openness and curiosity :)

About the Facilitator

My name is Lukas (he/him). After being diagnosed and surviving stage 3 testicular cancer in 2015, I started a journey on holistic health, mindfulness and spirituality. I learned a lot through that process and blog about it on In my healing process, I moved to Berlin in 2018 where I have been learning how I can live my queerness, empath personality, gay sexuality, activism and spirituality in an integrated and holistic way. I discover more and more how touch can be used in healing ways and decided to become a professional queer cuddle escort / therapist in the midst of the global pandemic. Find me on Instagram and Facebook @cuddlybodyworker or @healingwithlukas.