Moving and Sharing in our Very Own Queer Space

with Jochen Kleres | 120 min

Oct 4, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Jochen Kleres

The Corona epidemic has arguably limited queer spaces and disrupted queer social life, confining us more to the privacy of our homes. This has especially affected aspects of queer living that extend beyond domesticity so compatible with heteronormative ways of life. At the same time, our homes are also personal, intimate, regenerative (etc.) spaces. Let’s try and capitalize some on this and use online-tools to connect with one another in our very own queer space—at home—across physical, social and global distances. We can share a part of ourselves in our home space and offer it for others to relate to us. The workshop will guide participants to focus on: How does it feel to be in your space? Which aspects do you want to share with another, which do you want to keep for yourself? In the end we will not only share an online view of our space but fill this space with our personal dance movements as an offer for others to connect with us.

About the Facilitator

Jochen Kleres is based in Berlin. His background is in sociology and contact improvisation. He co-facilitates a contact improvisation group for gay, bi, trans, and queer men at Village Berlin e.V. He also aspires to become a dance therapist.