Intimate Practice: the Moment Before Dancing

with Martin Piliponsky & Juan Ferreras | 90 min

Oct 3, 6:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Martin Piliponsky & Juan Ferreras

This session involves opening the doors to the most intimate state, before dancing. It is not a specific kind of movement, but it does propose an awareness of the use of the body and the energy that each one has at this particular moment that all of us are going through. In this workshop, we will explore a period of Qi Gong, followed by authentic movement where participants will be able to interact with the sensation found in practice and music (cello). And finally, we close the session with a brief group meditation (Vipassana).

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About the Facilitator

Martin Piliponsky is an architect, dancer and teacher in improvisation. He has toured South, Central and North America, much of Europe, Africa and ASIA teaching improvisation and dancing at various festivals and international stages. He carries out a doctorate in arts at UNA and continues the task of permanent teaching in Buenos Aires, with his own development in practice in improvisation, dictates intensive and regular workshops in different cities of Argentina and the world.

Juan Ignacio Ferreras Is an Argentinian cello player and improviser. During his performances, the body and the cello interact to look into the relationship between sound and silence, movement and stillness.