Becoming an Instrument of Vulnerable and Authentic Action!

with Sajiv Issuree | 120 min

Oct 2, 12:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Sajiv Issuree

This online workshop will be an introduction to nude tantra Kriya yoga techniques or the yoga of “action” that compliments tantra practises in transmuting your body and mind into a perfect instrument of action. You will learn techniques to transform your whole body and life into a continuous expression of joy, bliss, love and wisdom by slowly whittling away fears, and inducing a state of relaxation that will allow you to draw within and explore the mind and go beyond, allowing you to concentrate and go into a deep meditation. You will need a space at home that you can practise naked, a yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks and a yoga strap. If you don’t have these, find anything around the house that you can use. Be creative! We will all start clothed and shed the layers of clothing and then begin a yoga practise, with a focus on posture, breath and alignment. This is an “all cameras on” session to allow everyone to feel comfortable to be vulnerable and authentic together.

About the Facilitator

Sajiv is a Yoga teacher from Johannesburg, South Africa and he draws inspiration from ancient yogic texts, dance, music and life in general to teach classes that require not only strength and focus, but also bring a very playful element to your practice. His classes are mentally and physically uplifting and challenging. Sajiv loves to look at things from a different perspective.