with Stan Lee | 120 min

Oct 3, 9:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Stan Lee

Touch5Rhythms is a mindfulness self touch and a meditative movement/dance for physical and emotional well-being practice. The movement/dance is free flow to put the body in motion by following the music, by how you feel and by letting your body lead, like a body movement meditation. The wave music starts off slow, gradually fast with a peak then gradually slows to a halt. The music or songs consist of varied genres and cultures. This is a community dance, a visually shared experience, clothing optional, movement or dance at the comfort of your own home, sharing positive musical energy around the world. No previous experience is required and no learning is required, just enjoy the music and movement. Be yourself. Bring some water for the session. If you were to wear anything, wear something loose and comfortable. Join me and others around the globe.

About the Facilitator

Stan Lee is just an ordinary guy based in Bristol UK who has facilitated Touch5Rhythms over 35 sessions on Zoom. Stan has a background of facilitating sharing, touch/games, group walks, weekends away, meditation, mindfulness and music sessions.