What Worlds World Worlds?

with Jorge De Hoyos | 90 min

Oct 2, 6:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Jorge De Hoyos

The purpose of this workshop is to survey the spiritual landscape of its participants. What are the different cosmic worldviews existing simultaneously? Are there overlapping patterns that create a shared cosmos, or are we each perceiving a completely separate reality? Is there a god? gods? nothing? something very specific? Together we will create a listening and sharing space, and we will cultivate an expansive spirit of gift-giving and receiving. Through a guided inquiry, each person will tune into their own spiritual views in order to share how they might perceive things. By listening and gathering we will get a sense of how many different worlds are worlding what worlds.

About the Facilitator

Jorge De Hoyos is a U.S. American dancer, writer and choreographer based in Berlin since 2012. He studied Cultural Anthropology and Theater Arts at the University of California in Santa Cruz. Collectivity and community have been a major aspect of his artistic and spiritual development throughout his trajectory: organizing DIY public art actions, hosting sexual-spiritual and performance events in homes and non-institutional spaces, and being a core member of performance projects that weave improvisation, community and activism. He recently completed a Masters in dance from HZT in Berlin. Link