Bhog: Embodied Dance Experience

with Tarun Devrani | 90 min

Oct 4, 12:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Tarun Devrani

Yuj vs. Bhog The word yoga from Sanskrit yuj : (v) to join, to yoke, to unite

The word bhoga from Sanskrit bhog: (v) to end, to conclude (n) pleasure or delight

Finding a path to the spiritual realm is not only through the practice of yoga, but also through an alternative, or opposite path of bhoga .

Bhoga means not moving to another reality, But rather an embodied awareness of what is right in front of you… in this reality… through your body.

Bhoga means coming to spirituality through realization... by absorbing your reality, you realize your desires your choices your expectations your feelings in this body that you are in.

Bhoga means making the most of every second to the best of your ability. We always want…we always desire… a new threshold of satisfaction every time.... a new dimension... of that new satisfaction.

How to accomplish that? How to recognize it? And how to fight for it?

Self expression through performing arts has taught me a thing or two about human values beyond what words can express.

Sometimes our consciousness is inaudible... beyond our own awareness and desires. My role... in this event is to channel that.

This is not a manifesto that I would like to propose. Bhoga is not about attaining masculinity Or making a positive sense of masculinity Bhog is about accepting the flaws... not hiding them... but to keep them as a scars on your body.

The expression I am sharing with this dance form Is going to be irrelevant to everyone And that just is the relevancy I seek.

When we are in an irrelevant situation... How to find happiness? How to find peace? How to find connection?

That’s what I’m looking for in this workshop. Pleasure and delight through bhog.

About the Facilitator

I am Tarun, grew up in India and completed my Masters in Geomatics from Berlin, Warsaw and Reykjavik. I have been performing since I was 6 years old and I'm trained in couple of Indian classical dance and some western dance forms. What I enjoy most in taking a journey of self expression, which I learned from my Vedic Shamanic understanding. My practice is not for attaining any truth or peace. It just about feeling alive in the moment. I dance with people. I teach working with the chaos which we all have. That chaos is my center of energy for this workshop.