Butt Toy Show-and-Tell

with Brad Amberheart | 90 min

Oct 3, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Brad Amberheart

We're going to be accessing the power, excitement, and deep-healing pleasure of the 1st chakra!

We're living in a time when many people on Earth automatically default to a place of fear and anxiety. There could never be a better time for MEN to let go and allow the pleasures off ass-tingling excitement to flood their bodies and clear their clinging minds.

JOIN US! If you have a favorite butt toy, bring it! If you don't, bring your curiosity and eagerness to see and learn what other assplay ass-ficionados have to offer, and remember...even your favorite lover or Fuckbuddy might also be your favorite butt toy, so consider bringing him!

You'll be invited to be an active voyeur as I demonstrate some ways I use butt toys and accompanying breaths, movements, sounds, and intentions to create extraordinary sensations which are DIRECTLY TRANSFERRABLE to sex with a partner.

This play-shop forms a perfect foundational building block as we prepare to enter a whole new area of joyous evolutionary self-pleasure and partnered sex. Please check the Tantra Love Academy schedule, as well as bradamberheart.com/events, for my other upcoming playshops devoted to Tantric sex-play for couples, fuckbuddy duos, and active voyeurs.

About the Facilitator

Brad Amberheart is a sacred intimate and ceremonial leader whose primary life’s work is to create transformation and healing through the full, conscious embodiment of sexually ecstatic pleasure. He has worked with thousands of people worldwide—primarily men—since 1997 to help re-awaken pleasure as a source of clarity, vision, and health. He has worked and studied for 15 years with renowned Tantra teacher Rudy Ballentine, while also frequenting the healing gatherings of native tribes in North America and Siberia. He has taught 3 times at the Hawaii Tantra Festival and taught at the Glastonbury Tantra Love Festival UK in 2019. His online and in-person events bring a unique blend of neo-Tantra, Earth-based spiritual traditions, and his soulful upbringing by a Southern Baptist Mamaw (also know as God Herself).