Vocal Play: Uncovering the Vibrancy of the Heart

with Drew Barthory | 120 min

Oct 4, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Drew Barthory

what does freedom feel like as a sound? when was the last time you connected with the power of your voice and allowed it to move you? how does your voice represent you?

the human voice is a powerful tool for connection, feeling and expression. unique to each of us, our voices carry wisdom, memory and connection to spirit. unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to use our voices in limited ways, or have been silenced in various ways by oppressive powers of conditioning.

in this 2 hour online workshop, we will in the safety of our own homes be able to explore various embodied vocal techniques to help connect to our voices as sacred, vibrant and important parts of our being(s). through breathwork, somatic explorations and vocal games, we will practice feeling our voices individually and as part of a collective.

no previous experience with vocal work is required, come in clothes that you are comfortable moving in, advise housemates of sound in advance, and arrive with an open mind + sense of curiosity.

About the Facilitator

drew bathory (he/they)

educator, community activator, and creator, drew is recognized for cultivating an embodied approach to sharing and facilitating human experiences that ignite the soul and awaken the heart. drew is co-founder of ELMNT studio (Thiothiake | Montréal) who’s work is dedicated to co-creating brave spaces for self-inquiry, empowerment for physical and emotional wellbeing through movement practices, mind-body science, music and conversation.

multidisciplinary in approach, drew’s practice is informed by over 20 years of experience and training in both expressive and inquiry based arts. their current practice and research explores the relationship between self-inquiry and self-expression. with over 10 years study and practice of yoga, movement, pilates through a science-based approach of anatomy + biomechanics of the human body / nervous system as well as the science of sound as informed by the sacred arts of yoga, pranayama and meditation.