Erotic Prayer--A Heavenly Ritual of Ecstatic Earthly Embodiment

with Brad Amberheart | 90 min

Oct 2, 3:00 PM Berlin, Europe

Brad Amberheart

SEX is the life force, embodied. Many people associate Tantra with the merging of sex and spirit. At another level, the acknowledgement of the sacred healing power of our sex could be considered one of the KEYS to our survival and evolution on earth as a species.

When our SEX got separated from our RELIGION, we suffered greatly as a species. Nothing could be more holy and powerful than orgasmic, delicious human connection. We all know that SEX gives rise to LIFE in a human body. What we’re coming to realize now is that our SEX also gives rise to health, vitality, and thriving life for our communities and our world.

Join me in an embodied ritual where you are welcome to come and be as you are. You can meditate here, sing here, jack your dick here, dance here (with your butt plug in), or enjoy joyous sexual connection with your lovers or lovers. Come as a solo flyer, a dynamic duo, or a cosmic tribe of lovers ready to raise energy in the name of health, vitality, and thriving life on this planet. Please come sober, clear as a bell, and ready to weave magic.

I’ll be singing sacred healing songs to accompany you on your journey, and I’ll be using occasional spoken words to help us all harness and focus our collective energies for health, vitality, and new visions. I’ve led many groups in live, in-person ecstatic sexual prayer experiences, but doing this event online provides the extra-special benefit of giving you full permission to create a space where YOU feel safe to fully express yourself in the way which rings powerful and true.

See you at the ritual!

About the Facilitator

Brad Amberheart is a sacred intimate and ceremonial leader whose primary life’s work is to create transformation and healing through the full, conscious embodiment of sexually ecstatic pleasure. He has worked with thousands of people worldwide—primarily men—since 1997 to help re-awaken pleasure as a source of clarity, vision, and health. He has worked and studied for 15 years with renowned Tantra teacher Rudy Ballentine, while also frequenting the healing gatherings of native tribes in North America and Siberia. He has taught 3 times at the Hawaii Tantra Festival and taught at the Glastonbury Tantra Love Festival UK in 2019. His online and in-person events bring a unique blend of neo-Tantra, Earth-based spiritual traditions, and his soulful upbringing by a Southern Baptist Mamaw (also know as God Herself).