Diving Deeper Into We-Space: Into Me See

with Sequoia Thom | 90 min

Oct 5, 12:00 AM Berlin, Europe

Sequoia Thom

The eyes are the windows of the soul." This session will introduce the basics of this deeply soulful eyes-open shared meditation for those who are new or wish to review the fundamentals. Previous meditation experience is helpful, and not essential.

We'll explore deep gazing with several different partners chosen at random, coming into quiet Presence with one another. Moving deeper than our usual kinds of conversations about past or future, we’ll describe the qualities of Consciousness that are emerging in each moment, communing with the deepest part of one another, where we truly are One.

VIDEO REQUIRED Max #: Unlimited

About the Facilitator

Sequoia Thom founded Men In Touch in 1987 to explore with other queer men the full range of embodied spirituality and authentic loving.

“I am learning that We Space Meditation can lead us beyond the confines of time and space to be able to commune deeply with those who are not physically present. That skill opens the heart to a profound level of open presence with each person we meet. We can literally live in love.”