Workshop Schedule

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Date Time (Europe/Berlin) Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
Oct 2 10:30 AM Opening Ritual - Eastern Hemisphere Expired
Oct 2 12:00 PM Yoga for the Householder Expired Stepping into Authentic Masculinity: The Divine Masculine. Expired Love Pidgin Expired Becoming an Instrument of Vulnerable and Authentic Action! Expired
Oct 2 1:30 PM Lounge 1 Expired
Oct 2 3:00 PM Erotic Prayer--A Heavenly Ritual of Ecstatic Earthly Embodiment Expired Family Constellation Expired Conscious Nipple Play Expired World of Bollywood and Bhangra Expired
Oct 2 6:00 PM What Worlds World Worlds? Expired Skyclad Yoga Expired Lounge 2 Expired Welcoming // Together Expired
Oct 2 7:00 PM Opening Ritual - Western Hemisphere Expired
Oct 2 8:00 PM Weaving Together Sex & Spirit Expired A We-Space Taster Expired Queer Radio Lebanon Expired Happy Hips & Happy Life - Yoga for better Sex Expired
Oct 2 10:00 PM Love Temple Expired Lounge 3 Expired
Oct 3 12:00 AM Strategies for White Folks to be Better Allies for BIPOC Expired Taste the Body Electric Expired Two Spirit People: Healing Roles of Third Gendered People in Indigenous Traditions Expired Sleep with Me Expired
Oct 3 3:00 AM Healing From Circumcision Expired Grounding, centering and connecting Expired Queer Masculinity (in the Dawn of a New Age) Expired Storytelling Circle->故事圈起你我 Expired
Oct 3 6:00 AM Gay English: Conversational Storytelling For English Language Learners and Introverts with Social Anxiety Expired All About Self-Care Expired Lounge 4 Expired Killing The Hulk; Becoming Less Angry and More Compassionate Expired
Oct 3 9:00 AM Queering the Workplace Expired Touch5Rhythms Expired #QUEERingNETWORKing Expired Sharing Stories of secrets, shame, snags, survival and success Expired
Oct 3 12:00 PM Sensual Self Massage and Touch Expired Enlightenment for Gay Men Expired Happy Hips; Happy Mind Expired Inner Male / Inner Female Expired
Oct 3 3:00 PM Lounge 5 Expired Butt Toy Show-and-Tell Expired Mind To Heart Guided Active Meditation Expired
Oct 3 6:00 PM Once Upon a Time, There Was a Boy Who Caught Crabs Expired Chair Yoga and Upper Body Stretching Expired Hot Seat! Expired Intimate Practice: the Moment Before Dancing Expired
Oct 3 9:00 PM An Exploration of Queer Intentional Communities Expired Healing the Wounds of Our Childhood - and Falling in Love with Ourselves Expired The Nipple Whisperer Expired Let's Talk About Sex Expired
Oct 3 10:00 PM K(no)w Talent Show + Party and Love Temple! Expired
Oct 4 12:00 AM Soul Seduction Expired My Hand is a Red Brick: Writing with Imagery Expired Queer'path': Living as a Queer Empath Expired Tantra & Psychedelics Expired
Oct 4 3:00 AM Desire Within: A Solo Belly2Belly Experience Expired Lounge 6 Expired The Emotion Journey in Fairy-tales -> 童話故事與情緒管理  Expired White Fragility: What Is It? Expired
Oct 4 6:00 AM SwanK: a global queer heart ball Expired What About Me!? An Open Conversation on Race, Identity, Representation, & Reconciliation Expired Finding Your Own Queer Voice with Mixed Media/Collage Expired Kundalini-Based Breathwork: Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Expired
Oct 4 9:00 AM Radical Self-Acceptance Expired The Psychology of Love: Hookup Culture Expired Inner Work Through Yoga Expired Meditainment with Larry Tee Expired
Oct 4 12:00 PM Bhog: Embodied Dance Experience Expired Play Yoga Expired Welcoming Difference Expired Lounge 7 Expired
Oct 4 1:30 PM Closing Ritual - Asia/Pacific Expired
Oct 4 3:00 PM Vocal Play: Uncovering the Vibrancy of the Heart Expired Letting the Bees Fly Away Expired Moving and Sharing in our Very Own Queer Space Expired The Self-Cuddling Experiment Expired
Oct 4 6:00 PM Two-Spirit Ceremony; Communing with the Seen and Unseen to Build Right Relations Expired Bedroom Yin Yoga and Meditation Expired Global Queer Activism: The Struggle in 2020 Expired Eroticism & Aging Expired
Oct 4 8:00 PM Closing Ritual & Party - Europe/Africa/Middle East Expired
Oct 4 9:00 PM Liberating Our Intimacy through Compassion Expired Global Visioning Circle Expired Life In Colour Expired
Oct 4 10:30 PM Lounge 8 Expired
Oct 5 12:00 AM Opening to your Inner Healing Space Expired Mending the Heart & Our Pain Stories Expired World's Largest Ever Synchronized Ejaculation Ritual for Peace & Pleasure Expired Diving Deeper Into We-Space: Into Me See Expired
Oct 5 4:00 AM Closing Ritual & Party - Americas Expired