The Festival

See me, feel me,
touch me, heal me

The Who

We envision a space, created in love, for queer men* across the globe to gather 24 hours a day and connect in the playfulness offered by the ocean of online possibilities. A space to feel comfort, let your nervous system relax, and feel-together with like-minded folks. As a global online festival we aspire to connect queer consciousness everywhere, having our teaching team reflect the diversity of the world. COVID 19 has pushed us to think beyond the boundaries of country & culture, and we are ushering in a new era for global queer networks to take root and to flourish. An experimental format of the swinging 20’s of the 21st century that voices possible ways of embracing the changes while extending beyond the scope of “physical distancing”.

We wish to share this moment together, breathe, enjoy each other's company, exchange our experiences, teach and learn from each other, explore new grounds of technology. To bridge the distances between the “islands” of different realities. To meet one another wherever we are, each one of us moving to the beat of their own drum and in the intimacy of our homes and maybe outdoors (internet gods permitting!), uniting in common spirit and Interests.

We wish ourselves to enjoy co-creating the space, the process and outcome, its rewards and beauty. We wish to focus on the work of supporting the growth of queer men* and communities, based on the 5 C's - Consent, Confidentiality, Self-Care, Curiosity and Community - in a conscious and reflected way, for people and communities - not for profits. We wish to do so, perhaps wearing a wig and a smile, in a drama-free fashion, aiming at our idea(l)s of sustainability, transparency and integrity. We wish to engineer and produce a trademark-free seed for people to sow anywhere needed.