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Queer Heart is organized by Idàn Sagiv Richter, Tommy Bear and Daka Ziji.

Idàn ❤ I’m a life-coach, artist and a counselor at an NGO that empowers male and trans sex workers. I practice and teach “unlearning” as means of healing and self-growth, with a focus on counter-sexuality, queer life, evolving forms of relationships, gender diversity and social justice. I play with performance art, music & video and I have fun with my queer vegan cooking show on YouTube, Queer Cuisine. For me community building is the most effective, sustainable and nourishing form of activism and care, this is why I love Queer Heart so much.

Tommy ❤ I’m an itinerant Yogi-Buddhist, based in Singapore. I teach throughout Asia: India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Nepal, Thailand and Singapore. I started my spiritual and emotional healing journey 32 years ago in California and now I share my experiences and techniques with all that I meet. I am excited to be part of Queer Heart Festival so that more men* will have access to some of the great healers on our planet.

Ziji ❤ I am a bodyworker, community organizer, and facilitator at Men In Touch. I’ve organized the Ignite Festival in Vancouver for three years, which inspired me to take the next step to go global! I’m passionate about sexual healing, psychedelic therapy, and being naked on the beach as much as possible. I look forward to seeing you in the festival!


For any question and/or support contact us at info@queerheartfestival.org